Destinations breathing with vitality and purpose

As contemporary real estate developers, enhancers and managers, Falcon Holding creates premier destinations that redefine lives, lifestyles and communities.

Physically beautiful.
Socially conscious.
Soulfully enriching.

A Falcon Holding development seamlessly blends into its surroundings - preserving the intrinsic beauty and integrity of the landscape - and adheres to new levels of ESG standards to create highly innovative and socially conscious destinations.

Each destination is the setting for a host of exclusive experiences and tailored services that set a new benchmark for soulful enrichment.

Current projects

Falcon Holding works in rapidly evolving and well-established real estate and tourism destinations. Three projects are now funded and currently in development.

/ 01

Kolašin Montenegro

Set in the majesty of Montenegro’s northern mountains, this luxury resort will be anchored by world-class programmes, and transformative facilities, that inspire holistic wellness and fulfilling lifestyles.

Phase One Delivery  |  Q4 2028
Campaegli Italy
Phase One Delivery  |  2026

/ 02

Campaegli Italy

Situated in the Monti Simbruini Natural Park, just one hour from Rome, 73,000 m3 is allocated for residential, hospitality, sports and commercial activities.

/ 03

Larnaca Cyprus

Off the sun-kissed shores of Larnaca, this exceptional waterfront destination will offer residential properties, hospitality services, spa facilities and a wellness clinic.

Larnaca Cyprus
Work Begins  |  2028


Having worked together since 2015, Martin Hudec and Konstantin Vagin founded Falcon Holding to deliver customer-driven luxury with nature-driven responsibility.

Their mission is to establish destinations that become a byword for forward-thinking development, meeting the ever-evolving needs, expectations and challenges of individuals and institutions.

Konstantin Vagin

A Director and Development Lead with 20+ years in residential and commercial property, Konstantin has overseen the development and construction of projects in the CIS and Europe, including at the distinguished ski resort of Crans Montana, Switzerland.

Martin Hudec

Having founded Enimedical - a construction company specialising in large-scale infrastructure - and Opera Reform International - a $550m real estate fund - Martin has led multiple projects in CIS and Europe, including the development and sale of Rozadol, the largest residential project in Bratislava (Slovakia).


A ‘wholebeing’ approach

Falcon Holding looks beyond ‘just’ wellbeing to create a more complete wholebeing which connects people, nature, and destinations.

Each destination offers:

/ 01

Luxurious exclusivity for families to live, relax and explore.

/ 02

Pristine nature throughout architecture, spaces and activities

/ 03

Wellness and rejuvenation across world-class clinics, recovery programmes and spa facilities.

/ 04

Curated experiences which reflect the very best of a destination’s adventure and culture.